Pop Art printing 🎨

Robins have been learning about Pop Art and the work of Andy Warhol. Last week they recreated this style by creating their own repeated pattern using bright coloured paints. First, the children etched a pattern on polystyrene – this was based on our Science theme of plants so designs included leaves, palm trees, seeds, roses, tulips, pine cones, bluebells and more! Then, they rolled a … Continue reading Pop Art printing 🎨

Plant observations – week 2 🔍

Our 5 plants have remained in their different conditions for another week (no water, no sunlight, no heat, too much heat and control). Today we checked on their growth, and each plant has made a lot of progress since last week! The control plant has been getting everything it needs to grow, and is still the strongest, healthiest, greenest and most upright. We couldn’t believe … Continue reading Plant observations – week 2 🔍

D & T

This term in D &T, year 2 have been looking at the challenges faced but gardeners. This week children designed a product that would help gardeners combat some of the challenges they face- they will be making this next week. In order for children to make this, it would be helpful if children could bring in plastic bottles/ kitchen roll (not toilet roll) material, plastic … Continue reading D & T