Week Beginning 23.03.30 – PE

Image result for joe wicks pe lesson

As Year 2 normally have two PE lessons a week, Selsdon PE teachers have recommended Joe Wicks PE sessions that are available all week (Monday – Friday) at 9am on YouTube. These are 30 minute sessions and will definitely get your blood pumping and everyone smiling!
Follow the link to join in:

Another video that the whole family can join in with is:

Get moving inside, or out in a garden, and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Week Beginning 23.03.30 – PE

  1. Hi, thank you for the link. It’s too hard I am told my son Victor … his words: ‘I wish Mr Antony taught us PE whilst we are at home’. … Any chance of that? Mr Antony could easily set up a youtube channel or set up a Zoom webinar. Happy to help set something like this up.


    1. Hi, the aim is to have the videos filmed by the PE teachers available at home. There was a technical issue this week which is being sorted. Anthony has already filmed the upcoming lessons so hopefully it will be ready for next week’s learning. Thank you for your comment and offer to help, it has been passed along to Anthony too.


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