Tuesday 24th March- Handwriting and Grammar practise

To consistently use capital letters and full stops.

To use a range of conjunctions in your writing.

Conjunctions are words that join sentences together for example and, because, but, so, if, when.

Handwriting with Homophones


Your spellings this week are homophones and for handwriting today, we would like you to focus on ‘quite’ and ‘quiet’. Homophones are words that sound the same, yet have different spellings.

Remember, in handwriting lessons it is much more important to take your time than it is to write the same word lots and lots of times.

Look at the example below. It is important that the /q/ letter in both words comes below the line. /u/, /i/ and /e/ in ‘quite’ and /u/, /i/ and /e/ in ‘quiet’ should all be the exact same height. Try and draw a line across the letters. Is it a straight line? Are they all level?

Activity 1- Use a dictionary or google to find the meaning of the words ‘quite’ and ‘quiet’.

Can you tell us the difference between ‘quite’ and ‘quiet’ in the comments below?

Activity 2- Using cursive script practise writing ‘quite’ and ‘quiet’

Activity 3– Put these words into sentences using conjunctions to extend your sentences.

Challenge- Use a range of conjunctions in your sentences.













21 thoughts on “Tuesday 24th March- Handwriting and Grammar practise

  1. EBI – my writing was neater
    WWW – I could spell both words

    Note from mum – if they’re using their own email address to comment then how do we get notified via email of new comments made i.e your replies?


      1. We just keep going back in to each blog post that we’ve commented on to see if there’s been a reply. If we opt to receive notifications by email then a notification is sent straight to the email. I’ll try using my own email address on the next post and see what happens. It’s all a learning curve!


      2. Update, I have to have a wordpress account to use my personal email account so we’ll just stick to checking for comments.


  2. I liked when I done my handwriting and grammar practice I am so happy today hooray! But it would be even better if I used more imaginative words to brighten up my sentences.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My hand writing was very neat and cursive .
    WWW I have done a lot of sentences.
    EBI If my work was more longer .
    My favourite sentence was :
    Mum was quite tired on mothers day because she had
    to look after the whole family.

    Liked by 1 person

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