Tuesday 24th March Topic – Computing

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24.03.20 – Computing

Technical Challenge:
To practise your typing
End Goal:
To comment on the blog posts

With an adult or sibling, remind yourselves of the controls you need to be able to type on a device (can be a laptop, computer, tablet, iPad or other). 
Have a practise at typing what you’ve been doing today.

You’re all so talented at your computing skills, so we would LOVE to see you use those skills daily.
Instead of one computing lesson each week, your computing learning will be a small task, every day!

Every lesson (Maths, English or Topic) that you complete, you need to:
Find the blog post
Use your computing skills to reply to that post and leave a comment saying
What Went Well (WWW)
Even Better If (EBI)

Good luck! 
If you have any problem using your email address we gave you on Friday please don’t worry. You are more than welcome to use your adult’s email address/blog account and leave your name at the bottom!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday 24th March Topic – Computing

    1. Hi Harley! Well done on your first blog reply! Sounds like you’re having a great morning already, keep up the good work 🙂 – Miss Brazier


    1. Good morning Jing! Lovely to hear that you want to keep challenging yourself, I’ll make sure our maths has lots of fun extensions – well done! 🙂


    1. Hi Jing!
      Follow these steps and see if it works:
      Select the school first. Then enter the following: day (1), month of birth (January), the first letter of the last name (A), and year group (1). Once in, click on the tab for ebooks (top left).
      Let me know if you still need help 🙂


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