English – Wednesday 25th March

Hello Year 2,

In English today, your task is to compare the two books you have reviewed over the past two days. One of these will be The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark and the second will be the book you chose yesterday.

We would like you to draw a table with two columns, using the headings ‘similarities’ and ‘differences’. By similarities, we mean things that the two stories have in common. What do both stories include? By differences, we mean things that the two stories do not have in common. You could think about characters and settings. You could also think about the type of story it is (adventure, superhero, scary, funny, sad). Have a look at the example below for more guidance.

In the comments, let us know the most interesting similarity or difference that you discovered.


If Plop from The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark met the main character from the second book you chose, would they be friends? Why/why not? Explain your answer in the comments section (if your story doesn’t have one main character, choose any character from the story).

11 thoughts on “English – Wednesday 25th March

  1. I really liked my English today thank you for helping me to learn. WWW: Is that I done really well at taking my time. EBI: if I done my handwriting neater.


  2. Chloe (owl class) has posted up several comments on the school blog but they are not shown. We have used the email address you have provided for her and I have tried my email address. Any ideas what the problem might be?


    1. For some reason they are pending, waiting to be approved. Please let her know that I’ll send a reply to them for her, while they are still pending.


  3. No. Plop and the troll would not be friends becuase one of them is scary and one is kind.

    WWW – I like reading
    EBI – I use my capitals more often.

    Matilda Demain


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