Wednesday 25th March Topic – Geography

Over the past few weeks we have learnt a lot about Zambia. We began looking at the similarities and differences between Zambia and England.

Have you ever wondered what school in Zambia is like? What would you like to know?

Imagine that you are writing to Zambian school children, what would you like to ask them?

Task– Use your knowledge of school life to write 5-10 questions about school life in Zambia. Think about the school buildings, playgrounds, classrooms, learning and anything else that interests you!

E.g. What subjects do you learn in class?


Write a comparison between schools in England and schools in Zambia using what you have already learnt.

E.g. In England we play on the MUGA, in Zambia children play on hard ground.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 25th March Topic – Geography

    1. Great question! A comparison is looking at similarities (things they have in common) and things they don’t have in common. An example of a difference between schools: In our school we use a whiteboard, in a Zambian school they use a blackboard.


  1. We did this on Monday (before we saw this blog post)! LI: To compare the difference between schools in Zambia and the UK. Amber did some lovely work. We learnt that one classroom can have up to 50 children of varying ages in it with only one teacher and that, although English is the official language, Zambia actually has more than 70 different local languages and dialects! We are saving all of these to show you when we can as I don’t think we can upload images on the blog.


  2. My questions would be:
    1. Do you have a register in the morning?
    2. Do you have early morning work?
    3. Do you have lunchtime and break time at school?
    4. What do you have to play with?
    5. When is your hometime?
    6. Are the classrooms small or big?
    7. How many teachers are there?
    8. Do you have assembly?
    9. Do you have a cloakroom?
    10. Where do you go to get collected or go home?

    WWW- I wrote 10 good questions
    EBI- Use more of the 5 w’s


  3. My questions would be:
    -When do you have your register
    -When does school start
    -When do you have lunch
    -When do you have break
    -What is the playgroundlike


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