Reading – 26/3/2020

Watch this video of Michael Rosen reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt:


What do you notice about the way he reads?


When we read, we want to read with tone and expression. Let’s hear Michael Rosen’s advice on how to do this:


Main Activity: Choose a text from below. Record yourself reading it and listen to it afterwards – What went well? Even better if…?


Challenge: Can you add actions as you read it?






















7 thoughts on “Reading – 26/3/2020

  1. WWW
    I used lots of expression and I did some actions.

    I didn’t have to look at the screen.

    Chloe did really well with this, she used lots of expression. We were very impressed.


  2. WWW. I remembered to say my name. E B I. I did not have the stutter. love from Finlee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


  3. WWW – I like reading and have lots of expression. When i watched the video i noticed i use my hands lots.

    EBI – if I could remember the words so i didn’t have to look at the computer.


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