Take a creativity break!

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When you take a break from your learning today, why not have a go at ‘drawing with Rob’!
Rob Biddulph is currently doing draw along sessions on YouTube that shows you how to draw some amazing cartoons!
Have a look at the links below:

If you do get a chance to have a go at some of these, please let us know how they went!
Happy Thursday, have a lovely day!

7 thoughts on “Take a creativity break!

  1. (Dove class) Joseph’s been good boy with home learning. Happy mama! He enjoyed writing a letter to Zambia 🇿🇲 We are finishing off DT, then we have creativity break whilst ma gets work done ✅

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  2. Hello miss Brazia I have just finished all my school work. Maths was my favourite subject today. I’m starting to find it easier. I also played football outside today using Instagram live with a football coach.

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    1. Wow Harley! Seems like you’ve been very focused and busy, I’m so pleased. 🙂 Well done for getting some football practice in too, I’m sure you’re missing training. Keep going and well done again!


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