30/03/2020 Maths: Division Word Problems

Happy Monday Year Two! I hope you’ve all had a lovely break this weekend are feeling refreshed and ready for some maths work. You did a fantastic job working on your subtraction and addition word problems last week so we thought we might challenge you with some multiplication and division word problems this week! Psssst here’s a secret: you can use your 2, 5 and 10 times tables to help you with all the word problems this week!

Let’s look at this division word problem and think about what strategies we could use to work it out:

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You could either use your “part-part-whole” model strategy or the “sharing between people” strategy.

Sharing between people strategy:

  • Understand that 10 ÷ 2 means 10 SHARED BETWEEN 2.
  • Draw 2 people (because you are sharing the ice cream between 2 people)
  • Draw a dot underneath each person one by one until we get to 10 (because there are 10 ice-creams).
  • Check they both have the same amount.
  • Circle one person and their dots underneath them to find the answer. 

Part-part whole model strategy:

  • Identify what is the whole? (10 becausethere are 10 ice creams)
  • Identifyhow many equal parts we have when we divide by 2? (2)
  • Understand that dividing by 2 means the whole (10) is divided into two equal parts.
  • Draw your part part whole model (like I have above)
  • Now one by one draw a dot in each of the 2 parts until you get to 10 dots altogether.
  • Circle one part to find the answer.

Your activity:

Now it’s your turn! Work out these division word problems using any strategy you like, you can challenge yourself by using both strategies to check your work!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-2020-03-26-at-13.39.59.png

Challenge! See how quickly you can tackle these division word problems online:


10 thoughts on “30/03/2020 Maths: Division Word Problems

  1. I really liked the maths lesson today because I nly got one wrong A perfect day = a happy day wahooooo! yours sensierly alannah


    1. I’m assuming that you are in Owl Class, but can you please add your class name to your profile name, or state in your comment which class that you are in please. Thanks.


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