Handwriting and Grammar – Monday 30th March

To consistently use capital letters and full stops.

To use commas appropriately in a list to break up adjectives or nouns.


All of our spellings this week contain the letter ‘a’, however each ‘a’ letter sounds closer to an /o/ sound than an /a/ sound. For example, we pronounce ‘watch’ as w-o-tch and not w-a-tch. For handwriting today, we would like you to focus on ‘want’ and ‘watch’.

Remember, in handwriting lessons it is much more important to take your time than it is to write the same word lots and lots of times.

Look at the example below. It is important that the /t/ letter in both words stretches high above the other letters, as well as the /h/ in ‘watch’. /w/, /a/ and /c/ in ‘watch’ and /w/, /a/ and /n/ in ‘want’ should all be the exact same height. Try and draw a line across these letters. Is it a straight line? Are they all level?

Activity 1- Use a dictionary or google to find the meaning of the words ‘want’ and ‘watch’.

Can you tell us the difference between ‘want’ and ‘watch’ in the comments below?

Activity 2- Using cursive script practise writing ‘want’ and ‘watch’.

Activity 3– Put these words into sentences – try to use a comma to extend your sentences (to break up two or more adjectives or nouns).

For example: I want to visit the exciting, exotic and playful animals at Chester Zoo.

Challenge – Use commas to join together your key words for Spring (English lesson).

18 thoughts on “Handwriting and Grammar – Monday 30th March

  1. Want is to wish to have or do something.

    Watch is to look at and pay attention to someone or something for a time.


    A small instrument for telling the time, usually worn on the wrist.


  2. Hi Miss Shakes,
    Want – to desire, wish for.
    One day I want to walk my dogs outside in our beautiful world.

    Watch – to look closely or carefully.
    In the distance I watch the birds fly high in the sky.


  3. I want to go to the zoo, but I can’t because there is a Coronavirus
    and you should stay in your nice, warm home.

    I watch the news to gather information about the
    Coronavirus and other events taking place throughout the world.


  4. Want is a verb means you need something.
    Watch is a verb means to look at someone or something for a time, paying attention to what is happening.
    My sentence is:
    I want to do my homework first, then I am going to watch a funny video.


  5. Want – This means I get something, I wish for something
    Watch – This means to see something.

    I want to watch the loud, noisey, crazy Loud House on my kindle.

    Matilda Demain (Owl Class)


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