Monday 30th March Topic – DT

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30/03/20 – DT

Happy Monday Year 2!

It’s the start of a brand-new week and we hope you’re feeling energised for more exciting learning.
It was great to see lots of you working hard at your DT shoebox dioramas. These can be fiddly and we know you may need more time to complete you fntasy setting diorama.

Therefore, today’s task is:

1 – Finish your shoebox diorama
Remember! This should be based on your fantasy setting (cave, planet, castle, forest, beach, dungeon or volcano!). 
These can be made using whatever materials you may have at home and any shoebox-sized box.
Materials could include:
tissue paper, straws, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, tin foil, egg boxes, rocks, cardboard or anything else you have handy! 

PLEASE (adults) don’t go out and buy any materials. It is not necessary to have any special resources. Paper, pens and creativity is all that is needed!

2 – Evaluate your diorama
Please write an evaluation of your diorama, think about answering these questions:

– What materials were needed to make your diorama?
– Does the backdrop of your diorama represent a background (sky, horizon etc.)?
– Have you got 3D setting (trees, flowers, rocks, a bridge etc.)?
– Is your diorama colourful?
– Is it detailed?
– What do you like about it?
– What would you change if you made it again?

Ask someone else in your house:
What do you think of my diorama?

10 thoughts on “Monday 30th March Topic – DT

    1. – What materials were needed to make your diorama?
      tissue paper, loo roll, cardboard, sharpies, washi tape, packaging, cotton wool.
      – Does the backdrop of your diorama represent a background (sky, horizon etc.)? Yes, it represents the wallpaper in the house
      – Have you got 3D setting (trees, flowers, rocks, a bridge etc.)? Yes, we have a 3D slide in the house and a soft landing area, we have a cot for the baby and a second level in the house.
      – Is your diorama colourful? Yes, it’s really colourful and a happy place for the mice.
      – Is it detailed? Yes, we even made a little mobile for the baby cot.
      – What do you like about it? I like everything about it!
      – What would you change if you made it again? I would make it bigger so I could fit more stuff inside, like a fridge full of cheese!

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    2. Amber, this is so lovely! Well done on such an amazing diorama! I can tell you’ve put in a lot of effort and it looks incredible. I LOVE the toilet tube mouse, it looks great!


  1. Matilda took her Diorama into school before school closed. It was of a duck pond in the woods.
    I made it out of carboard, paper, animal rubbers and ribbon.
    The picture in the back was a forest with a crow.
    I made a bridge from ribbon that went over the pond for animals to walk on.
    I used lots of colour and animal rubbers to make it look fun
    I would like to have built more bridges but the box was too small.

    Matilda Demain (Owl Class)

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    1. Thank you! I remember seeing it and showing it to Dove class, it’s wonderful, well done.
      Have a think how you would have made the bridges and how you would use to keep them standing up!


    1. Morning! It’s great to hear how busy you are. The spellings were posted on Friday, you can find them through the home learning link in the menu, under the English tab. If you’d like some alternative spellings, have a look at the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words – these are always useful to practise! Thank you for your comments 🙂


  2. My diorama is a unicorn city. I used cardboard, paper, paint, shredded paper, tissue paper, pens, cotton wool, stickers, pipe cleaners and sellotape. The back of it has a rainbow and butterflies. I have a 3D bridge and ladder. It is very, very colourful, it has rainbow colours. There is lots in it, there are beds. I like it as it is very colourful and I made lots of bits to go in it. I wouldn’t change it if I did it again because it looks good. My Dad said it was beautiful and colourful. He liked the ladder.

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    1. Your unicorn city sounds incredible! Such a great use of those materials, well done! I love the sound of the rainbow and the bridge. Sounds like you were very creative and put a lot of thought and time into this project. So pleased you managed to get your dad’s opinion too!
      Well done again, Chloe 🙂


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