Reading – 30/3/2020


For reading, we will be focusing on a different VIPERS skill each day. Today, we will be focusing on inference and prediction. This means we want to practise making sensible guesses and also learning to read between the lines.

Main Activity: Take a look at the picture below and answer the questions. Can you explain your answers using this sentence starter? “I think …… because….”

Challenge: Can you write a story based on the picture?

Discuss the following questions with an adult and answer the questions in your book.

  1. Where does this camel live?
  2. Where do camels usually live?
  3. What hobbies do you think the camel has? Why?
  4. Who do you think the camel is calling? Why?
  5. How do you think the camel is feeling? Why?

5 thoughts on “Reading – 30/3/2020

  1. I think the camel is happy because he showing his good noisey trumpet.
    The camel lives in the sea
    Camels normally live in the desert
    His hobbie is trumpet playing and stamps
    I think he is calling his band
    I think he’s happy

    Matilda Demain (Owl Class)


  2. Miss Ho, this is my story.

    One sunny day a handsome camel called Rocky, played his amazing
    trombone as loud as he could, but everyone thought it was too loud so
    they hid. The camel was sad because he wanted to make the animals dance.
    Then the camel rang his family and he played it a bit quieter and his family
    said, Wow that’s so amazing! I think your ready to go to a band.
    The camel was surprised and said bye bye to his family. He played his
    trombone in a animal band as best as he could and everyone
    cheered! He was happy again. He lived with the animals happily ever after.

    The end


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