Handwriting and Grammar – Tuesday 31st March

To consistently use capital letters and full stops.

To use alliteration in my Spring poem.


All of our spellings this week contain the letter ‘a’, however each ‘a’ letter sounds closer to an /o/ or /or/ sound than an /a/ sound. For example, we pronounce ‘wander’ as w-o-n-d-er and we pronounce warm as w-or-m and not w-ar-m. For handwriting today, we would like you to focus on ‘wander’ and ‘warm’.

Remember, in handwriting lessons it is much more important to take your time than it is to write the same word lots and lots of times.

Look at the example below. It is important that the /d/ letter in ‘wander stretches high above the other letters. /w/, /a/, /n/, /e/ and /r/ in ‘wander’ and all of the letters in ‘warm’ should all be the exact same height. Try and draw a line across these letters. Is it a straight line? Are they all level?

Activity 1- Use a dictionary or google to find the meaning of the words ‘wander’ and ‘warm’.

Can you tell us the difference between ‘wander’ and ‘warm’ in the comments below?

Activity 2- Using cursive script practise writing ‘wander’ and ‘warm’.

Activity 3– Put these words into sentences – try to use alliteration in your sentence – and a comma if needed! (Alliteration means when two or more words begin with the same sound).

For example: I wander wistfully around the big, blue tulips in the garden.

Challenge – Use alliteration (and a comma if needed) in your Spring poem (English lesson).

13 thoughts on “Handwriting and Grammar – Tuesday 31st March

  1. Warm is having a temperature that is between cool and hot.

    Wander is to go from place to place without any real purpose or destination.


    1. Remember to write these in your own words and in full sentences, not copying from the internet or a dictionary.


  2. Hi Miss Shakes,

    Wander – meaning to move about with no purpose or to take a wrong turn.
    I wander along the beach collecting pebbles.

    Warm – meaning some what hot, giving off a little heat.
    The sun is warm on my body.

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  3. Walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way.
    Of or at a fairly or comfortably high temperature.

    I wander suspiciously around the scary,haunted house.
    I am warm when I drink a hot, yummy hot chocolate.

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  4. Wander – means to walk around. ‘I like to wander around the park’
    Warm – Opposite of cold but not quite hot. ‘you are so warm’

    Matilda Demain (Owl Class)


  5. 1. If you wander in a place, you walk around in a casual way.
    2. Something that is warm has some heat but not enough to be hot. Also warm clothes or blankets are made from material that protects you.

    I went wandering to the woods with my family.
    My mummy was so warm in her bed that I climbed in and slept with her! [sic] and that is why mummy is often tired 🙂

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