Tuesday 31st March- Music/Drama

Good morning,

As part of your weekly drama/music session we would like for you to take part in this session on Youtube led by a drama teacher.

Write in the comments below WWW and EBI, more importantly enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Tuesday 31st March- Music/Drama

  1. WWW – I really liked the drama class because it was fun and when Mummy joined in we saw the magical present together. And what we saw inside was amazing and incredible.
    EBI – We can have more drama soon! And we can do music in a circle as well. Love Amber x


  2. WWW: I was able to have fun while following instructions and listening.
    EBI: I did more expression in my drama.

    I still had lots and lots of fun.

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  3. WWW – I really liked doing drama because it was fun and mummy, me and my brother could be silly together.
    EBI – I want to do more drama.

    Matilda Demain (Owl Class)


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