Tuesday 31st March Topic – Science

How to Revive a Plant | ProFlowers

31/03/2020 – Science

Good morning!

This half term we’ve learnt all about plants. We found out about what a plant needs to survive, the life cycle of a plants, how plants transport water. We also did experiments for all of this learning, which experiment was your favourite?
We hope you’ve enjoyed this area of science, we definitely have!

Today’s task: 
Present your plant knowledge as a poster, booklet or a leaflet.
There is lots of information to choose from so why not pick one area of your learning? E.g. a poster all about what plants need to survive or a booklet on the life cycle of plants.
(See the bottom of the lesson for a poster example)
If you fancy a challenge then you can create a poster/booklet using all of your plant knowledge from our science lessons!

Here are some useful links to help you:




We can’t wait to see your presentations!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday 31st March Topic – Science

    1. Well done, this is a very eye-catching poster! Beautiful drawing. Also, well done for including the roots, they are very important.


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