Commenting on posts.

Thank you for all the hard work that you all have done over the past two weeks. It has been great to have all the comments on the activities that we have designed for you. We would ask that your child responds to at least one of the activities posted daily, with any queries, problem, or to just let us know their progress. If your child has been doing this, please continue to encourage them to keep responding.

Thank you again and we all hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Year 2 Teachers

30 thoughts on “Commenting on posts.

  1. Hi there,

    Olivia is doing all work in her work book but will try to post something on blog too.

    Could please Y2 teachers post a little video massage for children? I am sure most children are missing school, their friends and teachers too and a short message would cheer them up. 🙂

    Thank you,



    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your message, it’s so useful for us to see feedback and know how best to support you all at home!
      We took this on board and thought it was a great idea so we have done our individual class posts today.
      I hope you are all well!
      Thanks again


  2. Hi
    Lucas here from Owl 🦉
    Im good thanks and missing my friends. I have been doing my homework and did a good Easter poem with my mummy


    1. Hi Lucas. It’s difficult not being able to see your friends for all this time, but hopefully you are having fun with your mum. Have a wonderful fun filled Easter holiday with your family and keep up the great work, when it’s over, but still find time to have fun too!


      1. Finlee was very teary and upset yesterday he’s now missing his friends and the rest of his family a lot now. He just wants to say hello to everyone and hopes they ar ok.

        He’s better today and has worked very hard.


      2. I am sorry Finlee is feeling sad, he could reply to comments made on his friends page to have some interaction. We are going to try and set up some form of communication on the blog for each class to interact with each other. I hope you continue to feel much happier Finlee and it is totally normal to feel sad some days, usually a nice mug of hot chocolate and a cuddle from Mummy and Daddy helps.


    2. I really like being at home. I have been practicing my spellings and working with numbers to make cakes and also play shops with my sister. I like being in charge of the tills. I hope we get to come back to school soon


      1. Hello Jacob. It’s nice that you like playing with your sister and it seems that you are getting better with handling money! Keep on having fun while you are learning with your family.

        You can have 2 team points for getting better with your maths and doing it with your sister.


    1. Hi Bellica. It’s nice to hear from you. Thank you for letting me know that you are ok and are catching up on your work. Remember to have a lovely holiday with your family filled with fun.

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      1. Good afternoon Ms Faucher I hope your fine I have been doing alot of reading and writing with my mummy Iam also practicing my timetables I miss you


      2. Good morning Bellicia. I’m so please to hear from you. It would be even better if you could reply at least once a week to any post. I give out team points now and I’d really like to start to give you some too, when you reply again.

        I’m extremely impressed that you are doing your reading, writing and times tables with your mummy. You must be on your way to being a times tables wiz!

        2 Team points for doing work with your mummy!


  3. Good morning, Chloé went on the blog and said “there is no maths” I told her there is as I’ve seen it in my email. Went on the blog home screen which she works through post by post and cannot see maths game, maths capacity, English, reading, drama, and handwriting and grammar.


  4. Hello all,
    Sorry for not getting in touch earlier, Hamza has enjoyed following each task on the blog especially the video about London! He enjoy interactive posts mostly!


    1. Hello!

      It’s lovely knowing that he is doing some of the activities. If possible could he leave a comment on a post? If needed you can type for him, as it would be lovely to know how he’s feeling about the activities he’s doing, or even what he has been up to for fun.

      Please tell him that I am giving Team Points for comments about the activities and photos and messages sent to me using the year 2 email

      Please tell himI said to enjoy himself and have fun this weekend!


    1. That’s great he’s enjoying the activities and we would love to read any comment from him on any posts, or in the Owl Chit Chat area, where the class can talk to each other.


    1. Hello Youssef.

      I’m so happy that you are fine and I am also fine. What fun things have you been doing?


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