Lets sing- Assembly practise

Last week lots of you continue to practise these songs which we have been singing in assembly as part of our theme ‘Women’s History’. This is our final week of these songs so you need to finish learning them with actions and perform them to your family, teddies, pets, toys and whatever else you can find, maybe even set up a stage if you can. Enjoy and remember all Year 2 teacher would like to hear you so open up your windows and project your voices.

11 thoughts on “Lets sing- Assembly practise

  1. Good morning miss shakes.
    With these seriously trying times at the moment and the whole country feeling the same, I just want to put it out there that I feel all year 2 teachers are posting far to much work for the children to do at home. Seriously 8 pieces of work or more everyday. There’s no way the children are doing this much everyday in class. I’m now only gonna do what I feel is best for tommy. English, grammar, handwriting and maths. And if he wants to do anymore that’s up to him. Hope that will work ok.


    1. Good morning, we uploaded a post last week regarding the amount of work posted for the children and all we ask if that you do what you can and what is best for your child. Some days you may get more done than you wanted some days you may only read and that is absolutely fine. Theres an option to do more if you want please do not feel any pressure to do more than you are. I do suggest that the topic lessons are as important as English, Grammar, Reading and Maths maybe you could alternate the subjects you do within the week. If you need any help or suggestions please do not hesitate to ask. Best wishes Miss Shakes


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