2/4/20 – Pantosaurus

Do you remember the NSPCC PANTS rules?

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 18.09.48

In PSHE this term we have talked about the importance of staying safe and speaking to someone you trust when you are worried about something.

Talking PANTS teaches children important messages, like their body belongs to them and they should tell an adult if they’re upset or worried.

Pantosaurus is a friend who helps you to stay safe, let’s watch the Pantosaurus song:


Task- Create your own song and a creature like Pantosaurus who can remind you of the PANTS rules.


Extension – Tell us about your creation on the blog. What is he/she called? Describe your creature and tell us what you understand from learning about the NSPCC and their PANTS rules.

14 thoughts on “2/4/20 – Pantosaurus

  1. my creture is a dog he keeps us safe because he is called
    we need to feel safe and tell an adult if we are worried.


    1. I love the sound of Superdog, well done Tommy! You’re absolutely right, it’s very important to feel safe. If you get a chance, to draw Superdog, that would be lovely. Well done again!


    1. WOW! Well done girls! This is so lovely to see. Massive congratulations for being creative, using your team-work and keeping in contact with each other over the computer. You’ve created a great song, using rhythm and instruments!


      1. Thank you. We really enjoyed doing it and did all the other tasks together today! It made a change from doing it with our parent!


    2. Nora and Sophia I am so proud of both of you, your song is absolutely fantastic. Leo and I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work šŸ‘šŸ½


  2. I made my own character called Antonie Pantonie and I liked the video. Making the song so I couldn’t do the song


  3. I made my own character called Antonie Pantonie and I liked the video. Making the song so I couldnā€™t do the song because it was hard


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