Handwriting and Grammar – Friday 3rd April 2020

To consistently use capital letters and full stops.


All of our spellings this week contain the letter ‘a’, however each ‘a’ letter sounds closer to an /o/ or /or/ sound than an /a/ sound. For example, we pronounce ‘quantity’ as qu-on and not qu-an. For handwriting today, we would like you to focus on ‘quantity’ and ‘usual’.

Remember, in handwriting lessons it is much more important to take your time than it is to write the same word lots and lots of times.

Look at the example below. It is important that the /t/ and /l/ letters in ‘quantity’ and ‘usual’ stretch high above the other letters. /u/, /a/, /n/and /i/ in ‘quantity’ and /u/, /s/, /u/, /a/ in ‘usual’ should all be the exact same height. The only exception is the /q/ and /y/ in ‘quantity’, these should descend below the line. Try and draw a line across these letters. Is it a straight line? Are they all level?


Activity 1- Use a dictionary or google to find the meaning of the words ‘quantity’ and ‘usual’.

Can you tell us the meaning of ‘quantity’ and ‘usual’ in the comments below?

Activity 2- Using cursive script practise writing ‘quantity’ and ‘usual’.

Activity 3– Using your knowledge of the words we have been focusing on this week, and the writing techniques such as alliteration, and rhyme can you write a short poem describing what you can see in Spring?

Challenge – Can you replace some of your words with words that mean the same thing (synonyms).

E.g. Beautiful means the same as : pretty, glamorous, gorgeous, exquisite, dazzling.

4 thoughts on “Handwriting and Grammar – Friday 3rd April 2020

  1. Miss Salim this is the sentences.
    As usual my mom is angry at me because I have been eating a lot of Sweet’s .
    The quantity of money my mum has is rich,a lot as well.


  2. Spring is getting warmly
    I wander around the green garden slowly
    I watch the flowers growing happily
    I count the quantity of the flowers busily
    I want to see a rainbow cheerfully
    Birds coming towards me friendly
    I drink lemon squash and water quietly
    As usual spring looks beautifully


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