Happy Holiday Owls

First let me start by saying how much I miss you all! The days just havent been the same without seeing your faces as you enter the classroom each day.

I have been spending the extra time at home with my two cats Foxy and Domino who both wanted to say hi to you all.

I know that you have all been busy with all the activities that we have been posting up for you and you have been excellent with all the responces that you have been posting.

Next week is the beginning of the Easter holidays and I really hope that you all have a great time, but try to not eat too much chocolate eggs.

Have a wonderful next two week from Foxy, Domino and me!

16 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Owls

  1. Hello Ms Faucher, I’ve played with Domino this week, actually Dominos not Domino (is Foxy the fluffy one and Domino the less fluffy and taller one on the picture?). I have done a lot of the learning at home you have sent me but not all of it. And mummy has been working a lot upstairs in our spare room. The two weeks at home have been strange but nice and this week my dad bought cupcakes for just me. They are soooo yummy! Typing all this is too much so I am telling mummy what to write and she is typing. And today I received a Nintendo switch with Mario as one game to play on it and it is sooooo fun! There are lots of games on it. I’ve also been playing a lot of football with my daddy, I do my reading and maths with him too and mum and I have fun on the trampoline. I miss you and Ms Kumar and all the teachers I know. Have a very nice Easter.



    1. You are very perceptive Victor. Yes Foxy is the fluffy one and Domino is the slightly bigger one.

      You have been busy with all the activities, but don’t worry about not being able to do them all.

      You are SO luck to have been given the Nintendo Switch. I have a Mario game too, but it’s for my Wii, and is quite a few years old now. Actually you have made me want to pull it out and play it again. When we get back to school we can compare our Mario games.

      I’m glad that you have also found time to have fun, as that is VERY important.

      Continue to have fun over the holidays with your parents every day!


  2. Hi Ms Faucher
    I have been trying my best with my learning my mum and my brother have been helping me, I have been doing lots of drawing and going on my bike in the garden and wearing my costumes. I like your cats photo they are really cute. Thank you for sending the maths games I enjoy them. I miss you and my friends and really like to see you all soon.
    Have a nice Easter holidays Happy Easter
    Love Ryan


    1. Aww I miss you and the rest of the class too!

      I can see that you have done a lot of work at home with a bit of help from your family. You have really worked hard doing the activities and I hope as hard having fun on your bike and in the garden with your family.

      Fingers crossed we’ll be at school soon.

      Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself throughout the holiday having fun with your family Ryan.


  3. Hello Ms Faucher

    I really, really, really, really miss you. I hope we get to come back to school to see you soon. I miss seeing everyone at school and you teaching me. I have been working very hard with my Mummy and Daddy. How are you? I really like your cats, we have two guinea pigs, one called Lily and the other Rosie. Rosie is my one and Lily is my brothers. My first wobbly tooth has fallen out, the tooth fairy gave me a pound. I would really like to see you. Have a nice Easter.



    1. Aww I really miss seeing and teaching you and the rest of the class. When we do go back to school, I’d love to see a picture of Lilly and Rosie the guinea pigs. You are very luck to have the fairy give you that much! They must really like you, just as much as we all do in Owl class.

      Have a wonderful fun filled easter with your family!


    1. Hello Gabriel. It’s very to hear from you again and I’m extremely pleased that you are reading. I don’t know if you read yesterday’s Good Morning post, but I’m also reading book, well listening to audio books! They are science fantasy, which is my favourite genre.

      2 Team points for doing the daily activities and 2 more for doing extra work!


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