My Darling Robins

I just wanted to say hello to you all. I am so proud of all of your hard work with your home learning for the past 2 weeks, I am sure you are all going to try have some fun and rest over the Easter holidays. I am missing seeing your lovely, smiley faces everyday but I enjoy reading your comments of the blog.

I have been doing Joe Wicks most days and going for long walks with Leo and his Daddy. We have also watched Moana and Finding Nemo lots of times 😑

Keep up the great work everyone.

Take care

Miss Shakes 🤗

27 thoughts on “My Darling Robins

  1. Hello Miss Shakes,

    How are you? I have been doing Joe Wicks P.E work outs everyday. What did you dress up as today for fancy dress Friday with Joe Wicks? I dressed up as Mulan and my brother Haitham dressed up Woody.


    1. Hello Amilah,
      So nice to hear from you I glad you are exercising everyday and joining in with the dressing up. I am very well thank you for asking. Keep up with all of your hard work.


  2. Hi Miss Shakes. It’s Theo. We are doing Joe Wicks everyday. It’s fun getting my Mum and Dad to join in. We go for walks everyday in the woods behind our house. Mum is showing us some of her favourite movies when she was little. Dad is playing football with me and my brother in the garden. Thank you for all the work you are sending me. I love doing all the maths work.
    I hope we get to come back to school soon so we can all see each other soon.
    Bye bye from Theo.


    1. Hi Theo,
      Well done for exercising that is great to hear. I hope you and your brother are letting Daddy score some goals. I look forward to hearing about the films you have been watching with Mummy. Keep up the hard work


  3. Hello miss shakes it is almost my birthday.

    me and my mummy have been working on my covid 19 time

    see you soon.


    1. Hi Tommy,
      How exciting it is your birthday soon 7 years old 😮
      How exciting that you are creating a Covid 19 capsule hopefully mummy can send me some pictures of the final product. Keep up the hard work


      1. Hello Miss Shakes

        I’m missing you and all my friends. I have been going for long walks with my mam and dad, my brother Cayden and sister Isla. Sometimes we take our scooters and I fell off and hurt my chin, lip, knee and my hand but I’m fine now. I am really enjoying the maths games they are fun I got 21 out of 29 on the 10 times tables. I hope we can come back to school soon. Happy Easter love Poppy x


      2. Hi Poppy,

        Its so nice to hear from you I am sorry to hear about your injuries but I am glad you are fine now. Well done for all your hard work. Enjoy your Easter break and be careful on your scooter.


    1. Hi Nora,
      That is lovely to hear. Yes Leo has a scooter but prefer to pull it along like a doggy rather than actually scoot. Hopefully we will get there one day.
      Keep up the great work


  4. Hello Miss, It’s Eren
    Me and my older sister have been keeping up with the homework and have tried the pe routines and have had alot of fun.
    I hope you are well and stay safe!


  5. Hi Miss Shakes,
    We have been doing the Joe Wickes workout and also bouncing on our trampoline!
    I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family.
    Love Thomas


  6. Hi Miss Shakes, thank you for your lovely letter.
    My family and I are walking to the woods with our dog Samson every day.
    Yesterday I found a little Elf house in the woods and painted stones. Got so excited!
    At home we are dancing, singing, playing hide and seek. In the garden I am jumping on the trampoline and play with my plane and bow.
    My mum and I are making nice cakes. Every time my twins making big mess:)then we are cleaning a lot. Dad has big headache and can’t wait to go back to work.
    I am missing you a lot Miss Shakes!
    Have a lovely Holiday,
    Love from


    1. Oh Sophia you actually made me really laugh your poor Daddy. Well done to your twins for making lots of mess, without mess there wouldn’t be any fun. I am happy to hear you are having lots of fun inside and outside. How amazing must it have been to see an Elf house 😮
      Keep up your great work.


  7. Hi miss Shakes, me too, I’m doing Joe with my sister and mum every day. We have made up our own pe routines too. We put up the paddling pool yesterday and played Frisbee and bowls.
    Have a good Easter everyone, I miss you all
    From Jack


    1. Hi Jake,
      It sounds like you are having lots of fun, I wish I had a paddling pool too. Enjoy your Easter break, keep up with your PE routines. Well done Jack


  8. hello everyone me and mummy have been eating snails. Mummy has been doing some work too, plus I’ve been doing some jack hartom on youtube, he helped me with my 2 times tables.

    . thank you for all the hard work. XD
    from your robin rowan.

    **Just gonna quickly add, the snails were Lidls finest, not garden snails lol. (Claire.)


    1. Hi Rowan and Mummy,
      Very brave to have eaten snails, what was the texture like?
      Well done for practising your times tables and allowing mummy to work.
      Keep up the great work


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