Monday 18th May – Science

How To Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and Precycle) | Eco To Go

Good morning Year 2!
I hope you all had a lovely, sunny weekend.

This is our last science activity of this half term. How quickly has that gone!
We will finish our topic of ‘looking after our environment’ by pulling together all of our learning about pollution, waste and recycling to recycle our own paper!

As you know, paper is made from trees. We need to cut down less trees to help our environment, and the environment for all the animals that need the trees too! We already recycle paper in our school and homes, but to do some of the hard work ourselves, today we are going to take some of that paper in the recycling bin and turn it into something new!

Here’s how they recycle all the paper we put into our recycling bin:

Your task (choose your favourite option):

  • Some homemade paper
    follow this link to see how to do it…
    This won’t look like the smooth paper we are used to. It’ll be a different colour, thicker and maybe a little bit lumpy, but that doesn’t matter, you can still use it and it’s very fun to make!
  • A papier mache sculpture
    Follow this link to see how to make papier mache…
    You could make a sea animal that needs protecting, a model of a tree to show where paper comes from, a plant pot or any other sculpture/model you would like!
  • A game
    You can use recycled paper/cardboard to create your own board game like the marble maze and marble run below
Marble Run | Cannon Park Primary School
Index of /wp-content/uploads/2015/06

As this is the final project, it is your choice what you make. The important thing is that it is created by using recycled paper!

Be creative, have fun and recycle.
We are so excited to see what you make 🙂

17 thoughts on “Monday 18th May – Science

  1. I have decided to make recycled paper from lots of scraps of paper and card from our recycling bag. So far we are still soaking it to make it ready to get blended then we are gojng to flatten it out and make some paper which I can use.
    From Jack


    1. Wonderful! I was hoping someone would choose to make their own paper. How exciting Jack, I hope it goes well! Well done 🙂


      1. I chose to make paper because I’ve already done paper mache and a sculpture the last few weeks so wanted to do something new ☺
        From Jack


    1. Hi Matilda, sorry this comment was moved and I didn’t get to see it! Your tree-tree is FANTASTIC! I love that it has a face. It is very creative and environmentally friendly, well done you 🙂


  2. Me and my brother tried to make the paper, but I think we messed up somewhere and we ended up with a lot of small bits of tissue paper


    1. Did it not stick together? Possibly needed longer time to soak but I wouldn’t worry about it. Well done for trying and you can always have a go another time if you want to! 🙂


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