Friday 22nd May- English

Well done for completing another week of activities.

This week’s final English activity is to role play the conversation you wrote yesterday between yourself and a friend. You can act it out with someone in your household or you can act it out yourself and change your voice to pretend to be your friend.

You can use props if you wish. Once you have rehearsed this ask an adult to record your performance and email it to

Performance top tips:

-Face the camera

-Stand strong

-Loud, clear voice

-Appropriate props

-Remember to just say what was said, you do not need to say who is speaking.

-Smile 🙂

I look forward to watching your performances.

Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 17.11.29

9 thoughts on “Friday 22nd May- English

  1. I really enjoyed making my video. I used a deep voice for Ryan who is my older cousin! It was fun, I have sent it to you.
    From Jack


    1. I saw your video Jack and it was wonderful! Well done for demonstrating the two different people so clearly, you did a great job 🙂


  2. here’s my conversation
    Hi how are you
    Hi fine thank you
    do you want to play
    let’s play with the toy cars
    Vroom Vroom
    Beep beep
    I’m hungry
    let’s get a sandwich
    I like it
    Now let’s play
    No I’m sleepy huuuuuu


    1. Excellent Elinam, you’ve thought carefully about the other person’s responses. I like that you talk about more than one topic in you conversation. Well done 🙂


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