Shape fun! 22/05/20

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Happy Friday Year Two!

You’ve done a BRILLIANT job with your shape work this week. Today we’re just going to have a bit of fun and create some art with 2D shapes 🙂

For this activity you’re going to create a picture just using shapes! Here are some examples of pictures that have been drawn just using shapes:

Now it’s your turn! Here are the different 2D shapes you could use for your picture:

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Great work Year Two, we’d LOVE to see your pictures! You can email us your shape pictures or comment on this post letting us know what shape pictures you drew 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend you superstars!

Lots of love from the Year Two Team ❤

18 thoughts on “Shape fun! 22/05/20

  1. I did a drawing of a house 🏡
    It has circles, kite, squares, rectangles, triangles,pentagon, heptagon, octagon and hexagon. I have emailed a picture
    From Jack

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  2. Matilda Owl Class

    I drew a picture of my Dad using shapes. The first sahpe was a circle for his head and then a rectangle for his nose. We then used a semi circule for his smile. We used rectangles for the body, arms and legs and then more semi circles for his feet. I then put a triangle birthday hat on his head and a circle badge.

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    1. Well done Matilda.

      That’s sounds really interesting how you’ve used the different 2D shapes to draw you dad.


      1. Hi Matilda and well done!

        I was wondering what your shape picture of your dad would look like and now that I’ve seen it, it’s just as goos as I imagined.

        Excellent work!


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