Let’s talk about shapes! (In English)

Shapes? In English?! Yes Year 2, you read that correctly… today, we will be looking at shape poetry. Take a look at the shape poems below: Activity 1 Read the selection of shape poetry above and describe what you like or dislike about each one. You can discuss your thoughts with an adult, write them down or comment on this blog post to let us … Continue reading Let’s talk about shapes! (In English)

Friday 3rd July- English

I hope you all enjoyed writing your letters yesterday. Today I would like you to re-read and edit your letters before we post them to the residents home. Using the steps below check your letters and make the necessary corrections. Read your work from last week – is it written in first person? Have you written in past tense? Identify sentences that need changing to … Continue reading Friday 3rd July- English

Grammar – Wednesday 1st July

Good morning Year 2! For today, we will be planning our letters to the care home – ensuring that we include all of the features of a letter. Here’s a reminder of our task for tomorrow’s lesson. In your plan, make sure you include the following: What Makes A Good Letter? (WMAG Letter) First person  Past tense   Varied sentence starters  Adjectives   Correct beginning and end (Dear … Continue reading Grammar – Wednesday 1st July

Friday 26th June- English

In English last week you wrote your first diary entry about your life during lockdown. This week, we are going to update our diaries with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can also include any activities or events that have happened since our last entry. If you need to refresh your memories on how to write a diary entry then watch the video below. Activity … Continue reading Friday 26th June- English

Thursday 25th June- English

Good Morning Year 2! Over the past two days you have been creating mysterious sentence starters and mysterious adjectives word banks. Today you will be using those creative words in a story about a mysterious shed that had landed on our School field with a wizard inside. Here is a picture of the mysterious shed. Before you start writing your story think about what might … Continue reading Thursday 25th June- English