PSHE – Thursday 18th June

Good morning Y2! Let’s warm up by thinking about the question – what weather are you feeling today? Draw a picture to show your answer to this question. Today, we’re going to have a think about why it’s important to embrace each other’s differences and treat one other with respect. Let’s listen to the story “Mixed” again: Activity: Discuss the following question with an adult. … Continue reading PSHE – Thursday 18th June

Self Care Kit – Friday 5th June

Good morning Y2! We hope you’ve enjoyed all the different PSHE activities this week. Let’s first begin with a mindfulness exercise: To round off all your hard work this week, you’re going to use all the different things you’ve learned to create your very own self care kit. The purpose of a self care kit is to help you: keep healthy; feel you feelings; have … Continue reading Self Care Kit – Friday 5th June

Thursday, 4th June – Feelings and Emotions

Good morning Year 2! In case you didn’t get a chance to see it yesterday – here’s a video called Angry Arthur. Arthur got very angry, to the point that everything crumbled and was then destroyed. The video ends with the question:Can you remember why Arthur was angry? Have you ever felt angry like Arthur? What makes you feel better if you feel angry? It’s … Continue reading Thursday, 4th June – Feelings and Emotions

Thursday 4th June – Keeping Safe

Good morning! For today’s Keeping Safe activity you are going to need to remember last half term’s English work. What do we have to remember when we think about keeping safe?Keeping a distance from each other (social distancing)Making sure we wash our handsKeeping our hands away from our mouths, nose, eyes, faces Last half term we looked at different types of poems, today we will be using … Continue reading Thursday 4th June – Keeping Safe

Washing Hands – Thursday 4th June

Good morning Y2! I hope you enjoyed creating your own hand washing superheroes on Tuesday. Today, your mission is to create a theme song for your hand washing superhero using the tune of a familiar song, such as Happy Birthday or Row Row Row Your Boat. Challenge: Can you include the following things into your theme song? Onomatopoeia Repetition Rhyme Tips on how to wash … Continue reading Washing Hands – Thursday 4th June

It’s time to be news presenters!

Good morning Year Two! Today we’re going to be doing another activity on social distancing. Do you know what social distancing is? Today you’re going to be pretending to be a news presenter explaining how to socially distance so let’s watch this newsround clip to remind ourselves: Now we need YOU to tell the nation what social distancing is in your very own news clip! … Continue reading It’s time to be news presenters!