Summer 1 – The Environment

This half term’s theme is our environment and how to look after it.

Here is what we are going to teach each week:

SPRING 2- Women’s History

This half-term’s project is Fantastical Worlds.

Here is what we are going to teach each week:

Half Termly Plan SPR 2 2020 Year 2

SPRING 1- Mindfulness

This half-term’s project is The Bake Fire of London.

Here is what we are going to teach each week:Year 2 Half Termly Plan SP1 2019-20

AUTUMN 2- Disability Awareness

This half-term’s project is Comic Book Heroes.

Here is what we are going to teach each week: Year 2 Half Termly Plan AUT 2

AUTUMN 1- Black History

This half term, we are hosting a film festival celebrating Black History Month. The children will be showcasing their own self-produced films related to the theme.

English and Reading 

We will be focusing on play scripts and performance poetry which the children will be using in their short films.


We will be carrying on the Maths Mastery programme, focusing on a number of topics starting at place value.


We will be looking at materials, specifically their properties and how we can apply our knowledge of them to the creation of our film props.


We will be looking at the lives of significant figures for Black History Month. These will form the topic of the children’s short films at the end of the term.


We will be designing and creating props to use in our short film, using a variety of materials.


We will be building our iPad skills, so that we are equipped to film our own short films.


We will be looking at the oceans and continents around the world and also build our physical geographical knowledge.


We will be looking at different artistic techniques that will go towards creating a backdrop for our films.


We will be exploring P4C (Philosophy for Children) to develop our enquiry skills.


We will be covering Judaism this half term, specifically their lifestyle and festivals. We will also be celebrating the Harvest Festival.